Case Study: Kipohtakaw Education Centre


In early 2011, ScienceMan Consulting was contacted by the Vice Principal of Kipohtakaw Education Centre, located in the Alexander First Nation with a request for assistance in establishing a lab and program for senior high science instruction.

Kipohtakaw Education Centre is a wonderful school serving the needs of almost 300 students. It does so in a unique, comforting environment for students, that incorporates many aspects of aboriginal culture into everyday school operations and instruction. It's also a "cutting-edge" school in the sense of program implementation, such as its school-wide participation in an innovative University of Alberta study aimed at improving health.

After a thorough consultation, reporting, implementation and follow up process, Kipohtakaw is very pleased with the end result of ScienceMan Consulting's efforts - a customer comment:

Thank you very much for all you have done to assist us in getting our Science Lab up and running at Kipohtakaw Education Centre. As you know we had a Science laboratory that had not been used as such for years. It was full of old equipment and supplies that we did not know whether we should keep or throw away, and indeed whether any of it was dangerous! The lab was a valuable resource sitting unused, and when we decided to rejuvenate our Science program it was good to know where we could get some help. Your services as a consultant in client interviews, cleaning, assessment, organizing, room repairs, creating available materials lists, orders, and equipment assessment was invaluable.

- Lynn Burrough, Vice Principal, Kipohtakaw Education Centre


Kipohtakaw had offered high school science programs in the past, but due to a fluctuating student population, it had been over 10 years since the high school science lab had been used for science instruction. As a result, the lab needed to be brought up to standard in terms of safety, materials, teaching resources, technology, and organization.

ScienceMan Consulting addressed the issue by performing the following:

  • On-site evaluation of the laboratory environment. In this case, the task included cleaning of storage areas in order to assess all available materials.
  • Assessment of safety of lab environment in terms of latest safety codes and requirements for programs to be taught.
  • Re-organization of existing science supplies.
  • Interviews with teaching staff and administration for assessment of resource and instructional needs.
  • Matching of material and resource requirements to programs needs.


After the assessment of needs was complete, ScienceMan Consulting provided a detailed report that allowed Kipohtakaw Education Centre to easily implement the required changes and necessary resources. In this case, the report included:

  • Recommended learning resources with price lists and ordering information.
  • Required science resources, organized by vendor, with prepared order forms ready for submission.
  • Advice and order lists for acquisition and implementation of science probeware technology (including teacher professional development).
  • Technology integration advice with component pricing, allowing for the implementation of computer and display technology.
  • Sourcing, configuring, and delivery of teacher and classroom computers. This included computer software configuration and recommendations for classroom implementation.
  • Recommendations for architectural changes to facilitate improved classroom storage and safety needs.
  • Classroom cleaning and re-organization of science materials to best accommodate a senior high science instruction program.